• Gus Harrower

wrapping up

For me, this blog has been useful to talk about how I think about my music and how others music influences me. From a production standpoint, my knowledge on hardware, plugins, DAW’s etc is pretty limited therefore I’ve talked more about my creative processes and how I think about production and writing hand-in-hand. I think this term I’ve been less concerned about trying to imitate a certain sound or style and focus more on bringing out the most in my music through the means of production. And to me, that’s what production means. As long as you have a good song, production will only enhance that and add to it.

I’ve found myself reading more about the making of certain records and the writing processes that go on behind the scenes. Sound on Sound is a great publication to read in-depth articles and this is something I never did prior to this module. It’s also made me take inspiration from other producers and how working with musicians impacts their workflow. I want to be able to take a producer standpoint with my music and that’s something I have done since first getting into it. Having never properly worked with a producer, I haven’t had much of a choice.

I think I will try and continue using an outlet to express my musical and creative thoughts as it’s good to get it out and onto paper. I don’t think blogs are the best way to do that for me but I will find a way.

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