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The Usual

The Usual

I’ve been self-recording my music for years and the majority of my releases to date were done in my bedroom. However for my last two singles, I decided to spend some money and time in a professional studio. I learnt a lot from this, especially about how valuable time is and it’s made me become more cutthroat about what is necessary on a song. In the past, I’ve liked to throw the kitchen sink into production, adding every idea I had and for some stuff - this works. However the majority of the time - less is more.

The Usual is my next single I’m releasing and everything on it (excluding drums and bass) were done by me in my room. The song was simultaneously written and recorded over a couple of days and took me down a new route from a production point of view. I knew exactly what I wanted the song to be and sound like, and this made the process quicker. Instrumentation wise, from past experience I knew that it did not need absolutely everything chucked on it, I tried electric guitar but there was no need. Tried percussion but ended up liking it with more space. Tried a vocal line in the bridge but again, wasn’t needed. What I found myself doing was recording all the ideas I had but moving them to the bottom of the session and muting them. Bringing them in and out at parts to see if they fitted any


Working out what is needed in a song is like a jigsaw. I’m of the feeling that every song has a correct version - the right answer. And finding your way to that answer can spring up some problems and a lot of frustration but there'll always be a solution.

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