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recording guitar

Tonight I saw Scottish legends Hipsway in Edinburgh at The Liquid Room. The band were phenomenally tight and the sound was ace but in particular, the guitarist Pim Jones, was on fire. His style of playing was so unique and his tone was perfect for the style of music.

And this got me thinking about the guitar sounds I use when recording my music. When self-producing I always go straight into my interface, then into a logic guitar preset as I don’t have an amp to mic up. Theres a tonne of different options separated into clean, crunch, distorted and experimental. Some of them are nice and fairly natural but theres a lot that sound like a ‘guitar into an interface’. And for some music this is great, Vulfpecks Cory Wong said in a video interview with Universal Audio that he always goes straight into an interface and uses a mixture of digital plugins and amp modellers. Softube and Positive Grid both do amazing amp modelling softwares and they’re ideal for home recording as it saves worrying about room acoustics, time and theres an array of easily accessible options.

I think I need to invest in some better software if I want to up my production game.

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