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re-working old songs

I recently re-recorded one of my oldest songs, a song called ‘Deeper Under’. I first wrote and recorded this in 2015 in my room but it’s stayed in my live set and my old recording didn’t quite represent what it’s evolved into.

The Process

Recording this in Leith’s Post Electric Studio with Rod Jones, I had done a demo of how I wanted it to sound. This included a string quartet intro and then bursting in with the full band. I really wanted to try get in a real string quartet but unfortunately time and money was not on my side so me and Rod tried to source some good samples. We opted for the Spitfire Audio chamber strings in the end. Recorded at the world famous AIR studios in London, these strings phenomenally real and you can hear all the beautiful intricacies in the samples and when mixed in with the rest of the instrumentation they work as a great pad. Also in the original, I used acoustic guitar as opposed to electric but when in a live setting - an electric carries more bite so we used electric instead. We doubled tracked the guitars, putting them through some nice reverb and distortion. The rest of the instrumentation was fairly simple, I recorded the bass through a DI, going into ProTools’ SansAmp PSA-1 plug in and we added an arpeggiated synth to give the bridge and instrumental sections more movement. One of the room mics on the drums was cranked through a compressor at points to give it a real crunch and bring warmth. And all of these things gave a refreshed feel to the song, it sounded more mature.

My thought process when re-visiting this song was to try make it sound ‘cooler’. Previously it sounded a bit too Disney and at points it definitely still does but I think the electric guitars and real drums give it a darker edge.

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