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Gus Harrower is one of Scotland’s most versatile young musicians. Since the release of his debut EP in 2015 he has been a regular feature of the Edinburgh music scene, making a name for himself with performances in venues across the country; from Sneaky Pete’s, to the Barrowlands and beyond. Through the years Gus has traversed genres, taking inspiration from Bruce Hornsby, Bon Iver, Haim, and countless other artists from whose style and idiosyncrasies he’s drawn inspiration.


With a decade of experience in writing, recording and performing across the UK, Gus has received acclaim for his skill as a pianist, guitarist, bassist and vocalist, as a solo artist and collaborator. Gus’s strength as an artist lies not just in his technical ability but in his versatility. From melancholic melodies to upbeat pop, Gus’s skill for taking listeners on a voyage through personal experience is formidable. As a pianist, his marriage of jazz-infused pop and classical training provides compelling melodies with unpredictable crescendos.


Away from the busy tour schedules, travelling, and heady spotlights of music venues, Gus also keeps grounded as one of Scotland’s community arts freelancers working with major charities and organisations to empower and improve people’s wellbeing through music. Working with the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership, Gus received coverage from The List for his work as the host of Keeping Edinburgh, a podcast which showcases the free-to-access places and spaces helping folk across the Capital have more good days. 


Since 2019, Gus has been engaged in community outreach with the Eric Liddell Centre, using music as a medium for people living with dementia to express their story. Having worked extensively with Calum Beattie, Alas de Liona and Keir Gibson as a multi-instrumentalist of immense skill and energy, Gus is an asset for sessions, tours, musical direction and broadcasting.

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